Thursday, December 10, 2009

internet woes

in my former life (lewisville), i used TimeWarner Cable for my internet and had not one single problem in 6 years. thus, when i moved, it was a no-brainer; keep TWCable! and in the apartment it worked great and i was pleased with my choice.

there are too many damn choices in modern life.

at the hassle/disaster house, disaster recently struck again. my modem has been on the blink (sporadic problems) and finally gave up completely today. actually, it's TWC's modem. so i called the service line, and it tells you to reboot your modem, and you curse at it and it says "i don't understand." so you tell it I ALREADY _DID_ THAT! and it gives you a human.

the human says, there are no other outages in your area, so we'll make an appointment for a service technician to come. the earliest appointment i have is saturday.

i cannot possibly be out of work until W-H-E-N-E-V-E-R saturday. she apologized for the inconvenience when i voiced this concern, but couldn't do any better. i told her i was sure the modem was the problem, so she told me to take it to a payment center and they could give me a new one; if that didn't work, we'd make an appointment.

obviously, that worked. but the HASSLE involved in finding a payment center AND directions when your modem is down? you would not believe. i could go to the other side of durham or the other side of chapel hill; either way, there goes another hour, on top of the 1 or 2 i'd already spent fussing over the damn thing. i had to reboot everything to get it to cooperate with the computer but it's working BEAUTIFULLY, actually.

and now i have a headache, lolly's irritated with me (i wouldn't let her play with the new one), and i have to leave for an orthopedist appointment in less than an hour.

moral: let's return to an agrarian society and stop having to make all these decisions all the time! i'm fed up with modern life. i'll keep science and medical advances, but the rest of the world can go to pot for all i care today.

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stewbert said...

I am SO with you on that.

Though technically, don't computers and internet fall under "science"?