Tuesday, December 29, 2009

water restored

i got a return call from the water/city office. they said they DID have a connection order with the correct address on it, that had been CHANGED to the other address later, and presumably 'twas i who supplied the original address. so they asked me to come in and pay my past due bill and i'd be reconnected.

i went and paid my bill. they waived the $75 reconnect fee. something to do with plat maps and post office and city regs (some major screwed-up regs, no doubt), they had to have the address they did to provide service. but once they verify that i'm right (like there was any doubt), they'll waive the late fees, which are considerably smaller.

they did not try to argue with me at the office. i said, I am definitely het-up, but I'm not unreasonable; you only have to deal with one of the two right now. one of the ladies laughed (the supervisor) but the clerk was too frazzled. apparently they disconnect a lot of people's water the same day of the month.

i told her she needed a new job.

they even had a sign up at the office saying people who yell or curse will be removed. RED FLAG that their policies are nutso!

i did not ask but really wondered later: WHY DIDN'T THREE BILLS RETURNED WITH A BAD ADDRESS RAISE A RED FLAG??? i asked my mailman, even, wouldn't that mail be returned undeliverable? and he said yes, yes they would. i only have one mailbox, i verified several times that i knew my correct address.

the issue is not resolved, but my water IS restored. the supervisor took a copy of my electric bill (proof that i receive my bills at this address), and will have the financial guy look into it.

this house has been here for more than 50 years. how is this the first time they've encountered this issue??? i'm more than outraged. i am ready to pick up and move TODAY. instead, i took my kids to see The Princess and the Frog, which all 3 thoroughly enjoyed, and we're going to take a nap now.

thanks for sharing my outrage! do not cross the MamaBear!


kadyb said...

Glad it worked out. You had some of the same questions I did in my response to your earlier posting. Anyway - on to the next challenge!

Kim said...

Wow, that just sucks!

I have to tell you, you were one of my blogs that like never posted. So I could always keep up. Umm not anymore what's up with that?

stewbert said...

Wooo! Glad your water is back on. HOpe they figure out what their problem is.