Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yesterday's dollar

so we went to the Evil Empire yesterday, as previously posted. the Salvation Army was ringing their bells out front, so i fished out a dollar for Lolly to put in the bucket. i gave it to her all folded up, and helped her out of the cart so she could reach the bucket. she tried to put the long side in and it wasn't fitting. so i told her she had to put the OTHER side in.

she promptly turned it 180 degrees and tried to put the other long side in the slot. the bell ringer and i were both LMAO/LHAO and so proud of Lolly's smartitude. reached over and helped her turn it 90 degrees so we could get it in the bucket and go in the store! it's chilly when you stand still in the shade!

every day is a learning experience when you're 2. and when you're the mother of a 2, every day is an exercise in patience. good thing i built mine up with the first two kids. :D


Erica912 said...

Very cute! I can just picture her.. I both dread the upcoming trials with Grace and look forward to them :)

Gwydion's mama said...

Cute! With kids you can really understand why patience is such a virtue, hmm?