Wednesday, December 23, 2009

finally 10

#2 son hit double digits on monday. his gift: the dearest wish of his heart, a skateboard. (we've become a board family since #1 son's birthday this year.) he's a great kid, a scatter-brained genius.

#1 son has been having struggles at school with grades, mainly make-up work when absent, and forcing himself to do the part he detests, and letting one class slide while working on getting his grade up in another. sadly, this means he has been grounded from computer games for some time and didn't get his grades up enough to play over christmas break.

#2 son wrote me a note asking if i would let #1 son play computer games with him on his birthday, as a GIFT to #2. just melted my heart.

and of course, i said yes.

he truly is a great kid. (the other one is, too, just hitting the impossible ages.)


Kate said...

aw, what good boys!

The Boob Nazi said...

That note is so sweet!

Kim said...

Awe! Happy Belated Birthday!