Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the brothers

it's always more fun to post about twinkly 2-year-old than grumpy pre-adolescent males.

of course i still love them! and they're still awesome.

* * * * * * * * * *

#2 son will be 10 on 12/21. he's the biggest "absent-minded professor" type you'll ever know. i can't really call him an airhead b/c he's damn smart.

his school did a book fair this week. i came across his wish list (he forgot to give it to me) and he had asked for a book for his dad. i melt.

he takes care of his sissy every day after school while i run pick up his brother and never complains.

he goes to bed when he's tired and only gripes when others aren't quiet enough for him to sleep.

do i always understand him? no. am i always charmed by him? no. but he's an awesome kid and i do love him an awful lot.

* * * * * * * * * *

#1 son is 12.5 and has discovered the evils of the internet (nuff sed). he's withdrawn and moody, and then he turns into a little kid and wants hugs and kisses. he would like to take care of lolly-dolly ALL the time until she makes a poo in her diaper. then he gives her back.

he's authoritative and strict. (dunno where he gets THAT!) he's failed classes last term for failure to keep track of assignments and turn them in properly (or do them at all).

he stays up and late and hogs the comfy chair in the TV room.

he's helping with laundry a LOT and has the biggest heart ever.

he's my adorable little boy, and he's turning into a man, and i hate it but i love it and it's not an easy thing to live through. he's discovering LIFE isn't easy. i never want to let him go but at the same time i'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel - in 10 years i can buy a sportscar! for ME!

eh - he's a 12.5-year-old kid, ups and downs are par for the course. he's ready to get his stupid braces off every day. and he's mine.

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Kim said...

You did better then I did. I couldn't think of anything to say about my older two. Not that there isn't positive, there is. But I could not form the words.

I am so out of touch with my kids.