Monday, December 14, 2009

are you a humbug?


do the words thrill you or fill you with dread?

i just went shopping for the basics: everyone gets new jammies, socks, and underwear for Christmas at our house. the socks and underwear are really just so i know everyone has new ones every 12 months. the jammies are so the kids can open something Christmas Eve, because i'm a diehard traditionalist and think it's just so WRONG to open anything before morning.

it started out as a sweet little tradition, but as our family has grown, it's become a rather expensive undertaking. and my other sweet little tradition, that of everyone getting a new ornament in their stocking each year, and each person has their own theme, has become a hassle.

i still enjoy the shopping. but there's so much to be done, and i have to wait until the funds are in line before i can do the fun stuff, that mostly it's all become a chore. and i HATES that, precious, i does.

i'm pretty sure all of us experience the shopping at different times as BOTH a hassle AND a pleasure. (except perhaps DisGrace.) do YOU agree?


stewbert said...

Yep, like it sometimes, not so much others. this year i've done quite a bit of my shopping online, which has helped my scroogieness.

The Boob Nazi said...

Unless I forget it's Christmastime (which happened to me on Friday), I DO NOT SHOP DURING THE MONTH OF DECEMBER.

Kim said...

I am totally bah hum bug this year. Last year I was more into Christmas then I am this year. *shrugs* maybe I needed retail therapy?

kadyb said...

Since I don't like shopping any time (wonder where DisGrace gets it?), I try to stay out of stores in December, a la BNzi.

Two weeks ago, I was in my favorite Albertsons (groceries), thinking, "I'm so glad I can just run in here and find things, because they never move." Bad idea to think something like that. Tonight we ran in to quickly replenish a few items, and nearly everything had been moved. The bread (I kid you not) was on the opposite side of the store - although the bakery hadn't been moved. This is the wrong time of year to reorganize a store, folks. Bah, humbug!