Thursday, August 30, 2007


alana tagged me. this is for her: pppbbbttt!

7 P's about me - not an easy task!

P: PPPbbbttt! aka Bronx cheer.

P: Princess Picky: one of my favorite children's books. i read it aloud in sPeech class a couple of years back and got an A. thanks Tyler! who brought it home from the library. check it out at

P: Positive Thinking. i try really hard on this, b/c i don't want to live in fear, and don't want to be a grouchy old lady, so i'm trying to train myself to think Positively!

P: PB&J. everyone in my house (except LaLa, so far) loves PB. Da Boyz even created PB&C: cinnamon sugar on the PB. it's quite good, changes the texture!

P: Presbyterian. i'm so Proud i'm a church member again.

P: Practically Perfect in every way. (Pause for laughter) major Julie Andrews fan, does that count? i have fallen asleep during Mary Poppins more times than i can count, and finally figured out why - she sings that stupid lullaby halfway through it! zzzzzzzzz

P: Persistent. aka nag.

and an 8th P: Please comment!

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