Saturday, August 11, 2007

pottery-based quiz

1) Harry begins Hogwarts and sorted into a house. Which house do you think you would be sorted in?
Gryffindor = Brave
Ravenclaw = Smart
Hufflepuff = Loyal/hardworking
Slytherin = Sly, looking for the easy way

Ravenclaw, probably, or maybe Hufflepuff. Everybody wants to be in Gryffindor after reading the books, but I doubt I'd be brave enough. Then again, I've never been good at knowing myself.

2) The Mirror of Erised, instead of showing a reflection, shows what the subject wants more than anything. What would the Mirror show you?

A stack of cash and a carefree life... A big house (not bigger than needed, just big), everyone I love living near me (which is a physical impossibility, but this is fantasy), sunny days... Guess I'm still wanting to live on Sesame Street!

3) In The Chamber of Secrets, Harry’s new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is a celebrity with an overdeveloped case of ego. Which current celebrity do you think is overblown?

Paris Hilton has always irritated me the most, but everyone who's made the tabloids lately deserves to be there, seems like. The biggest waste to me is Lindsay Lohan, who has wasted her talent and her career.

4) Harry calls Fawkes (Dumbledore’s phoenix) to him by exhibiting loyalty. What non-family member would be able to call your phoenix?

Tough question. Hayda and Beth, Sue and Jessica.

5) In The Prisoner of Azkaban we first see a Boggart, which takes the form of whatever the person fears. What would your boggart turn into?

My biggest "fear" is being out of control. Yes, I'm a control freak (*gasp*)! Spiders definitely still wig me out and probably always will, but if I'm thinking about what I dread the most, it's a control issue.

6) Harry is able to fight off dementors by using a patronus charm which calls upon a very happy memory. What would your happy moment be?

I think our last vacation was one of our best ever, sunny days (sensing a theme here!), no demands other than baby, spending time with our family and our kids and not lacking anything that counts. So I'd draw on that. (I REALLY enjoyed maternity leave!)

7) In The Goblet Of Fire Fred and George try to put their names in the goblet even though they are not old enough. What “mature” activity did you try too early?

Marriage, clearly.

8)In The Order of the Phoenix Harry discusses what he wants to be when he gets out of school. What did you want to be when you were 15?

At 15, I think I still wanted to be an astronaut. I also really wanted to be a pilot, but I couldn't see paying for lessons and hoped to go into the Air Force. They wouldn't teach me to fly because my vision was too bad (so I left THAT thought behind). My first hit against life's realities and disappointments. I'd still love to have gone that route.

9) The kids take their defense against the dark arts in a room of requirement where the room becomes whatever you need. What would your personal room of requirement be–when would it appear?

A sound-proof room with Time-Turners and computers - I could work in peace, get in a nap, and not miss anything!

10) In the Half-Blood Prince we are exposed to Felix Felicitas, a potion that will make you have a wonderful wonderful day. Tell us about a day that you would like to live over again–a wonderful day.

I think I answered this one up above, with my happy memories.



11) In the Deathly Hallows, Hermione blanks her parents' memory of her existence. Is this something you would do to protect those you loved?

This would be so hard, because nobody's ego wants them to be forgotten; the ancient Egyptians believed that their spirit lived as long as they were remembered, and I've embraced that thought for years. But in the end, yes, I'd do anything for my babies (as I've proved lately), so I'd have to do this too. But I'd cry. Lots.

12) We find that Dumbledore entrusted Snape to kill him. Do you have anyone that you would trust enough to kill you if you asked them to?

Since we've had the discussion about pulling the plug, I'd trust DH and he me. I think anyone would have to know why to do it a la Snape, and knowing why, finding someone who COULD follow through would be the hard part, IMO.

13) Many beloved characters do not make it to the end of the book. What fictional characters' deaths affected you (besides the ones in Harry Potter)?

The dogs in Where the Red Fern Grows, even though I'm not a dog person. (will add others as I think of them, I'm sure I'm missing some...)

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