Monday, August 06, 2007

weird wild stuff

if you're not aware, i'm an obscenely fast typist. over 100 wpm, and it's been YEARS since i was tested. i could be even faster by now! (flutters eyelashes for false modesty) (the true modesty is that i thank God for the gift, b/c it has facilitated my lifestyle, working from home, which helps me be closer to the kind of mom i want to be. so there.)

but i've never taken two months off before. *gasp* and when i went back to work on Wed. last week, my fingers didn't work normally. i was making typos, and just did not feel the rhythm.

it's finally back today. it's weird how something like that feels like part of you, and when you miss it, you REALLY miss it.


another weird thing is the fan. my computer keeps my work space warm. so i put the fan on. did you know my fan has two distinct pitches, when on high and low? i didn't. and when i turned it down, it was exactly a "third" in interval between the two pitches. (think of the first two notes of an arpeggio - that's the tone.)

more weird thoughts as they pop up!

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