Friday, August 03, 2007

miss monkey butt

if you're following the saga of the baboon butt redness, here's the next installment.

some improvement with triple-coating diaper rash treatment, but not healed. at her one-month checkup, dr. agreed there was a component of yeast, and added twice-a-day yeast cream. some improvement again, but lots of back-sliding. red, raw, and bleeding.

it's heartbreaking to have your baby's butt look like a baboon.

fortunately, we opened a package of PAMPERS SWADDLERS that was gifted us. they were size 2, so i hadn't used them before. (the NICU recommended this brand, gave us a couple packs of itty-bitty ones, but they got used up fast with frequent newborn poops.)

they actually wick away not only pee, but also baby poops - the yellow, bilious, breast-fed baby poops that burn her butt - they're no longer in contact with it for more than a few minutes. and after TWO of these diapers, we had GREAT improvement.

so i went and spent LOTS of $$ on pampies, and i'm changing her EVERY time i feed her, even if her diaper is only a little soiled. no more raw and bleeding! still pink, and hoping to improve that soon! STILL triple-coating her heinie every diaper change.

TMI? maybe. but i'm a Pampers fan now! my baby brother couldn't wear anything but Pampies - they must be doing SOMETHING right to remain the best almost 30 years later!


stewbert said...

I hear Boudreaux's Butt Paste is the best diaper rash ointment ...

Alana said...

I swore by papmers..would buy nothing ese.
BTW the asshat thing is from an adoption mama support forum. One full of snarky potty mouths like me. We all had to defect somewhere where the religion and ladybug love wouldnt gag us. I now have the most awesome circle of like minded, snarky, impatiently waiting ladies to hang with and bitch with. At 100 posts your title (used to be bartender) becomes ASSHAT, and I was a mere 17 away yesterday, I too, am ASSHAT. And so proud.

Kim said...

I swear by pampers also. My baby girl had the baboon butt until I switched. Haven't seen a diaper rash since! if you buy them in the cases doesn't hurt the pocket book *as* much.