Saturday, August 25, 2007

evil shots update

it took DAYS to get over being needled. and all she wants is to sleep, on mommy or daddy. or grandma! thank goodness we don't have any more for two whole months - our reactions could be completely different by then (or the same, but we're trying not to think that).

as mentioned, my mom is visiting, and we've had lots of fun spending her money. we went to michael's and bought beads and she is having fun making necklaces. we worked on one she can wear to church tomorrow for LaLa's baptism. also, she and my dad had their 40th anniversary today.

we (DH and I) bought lottery tickets with the #40 in them as a tribute, since powerball is up to $300 million. can you even THINK of that big a number? promised mom she can retire if we hit the lottery.

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