Tuesday, August 28, 2007

didn't win yet...

We didn't win PowerBall. No requests for contributions are necessary!

However, we have everything else in life we need and want, so we're pretty happy. Wouldn't trade our lives for even $300 million, so that's saying something.

Big kids went back to school yesterday; #1 son wants to run for school president (5th grade). I encouraged him but have NO idea how to help him with this! suggestions welcome! LaLa and I stayed home and enjoyed starting a new routine. now if only i could get more hours in...

We de-listed the house yesterday. Plan is to stay here through the school year, re-list in Jan/Feb or so, depending on mortgage market and our credit status. DH is excited to look at housese again; I am NOT. in MY mind, we're still going to buy the same house we had under construction; it may be a different house, but the same plan. whether this remains the plan in future is uncertain and irrelevant; i'm having enough trouble staying calm about losing the contract without uncertainties!

The grandparents went to Richmond yesterday for the duration of their trip; my mother's father lives there, as do aunts and cousins. and Uncle Skip, who fished me out of the Green River in Utah last summer when i fell in (on a 0.5 rapid). after 19 years of marriage to my aunt (they got married in '87, i was already a teen), I'm finally calling him UNCLE. cuz he earned it.

we didn't get as many photos as we'd hoped; LaLa reached her saturation point too quickly. but i think we have some nice ones of her in her christening gown, (note to self: get it cleaned and returned to owner!) including a shot with its original wearer/owner, who started kindergarten yesterday.

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