Thursday, August 23, 2007

cruel torture

LaLa just got her shots Tuesday. They make mommy hold her little legs, and tag team her; two nurses come in, and shoot her twice each, but simultaneously so she only gets two "ouches."

oh, the agony! her little legs are knotty and swollen, and she's very unhappy. spent 24 hours straight refusing to be put down, wanting nothing more than mama. grandma is visiting and she is an acceptable alternative (yeah, grandmas!). spit up all day, but kept the tylenol down (yeah, tylenol!).

then when she was VERY uncomfortable yesterday at bedtime, refused to nurse. and refused and refused, despite being hungry. well, her tummy didn't feel great after a day of spitting up, so who can blame her? finally calmed down, had a short nap, asked for a binkie, and then took the breast.

why do we stick needles in our babies' legs? there MUST be a better way! if they came at you or i with a needle proportionately as large as these, we'd kick them too, and run!

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