Thursday, August 16, 2007

housing developments

well, we've lost the contract on our new home. it wasn't looking good anyway b/c we had no interest in the old home from buyers. still, i'm pretty dang bummed about it.

apparently one's credit scores can drop without reason. i've gotta follow up with the credit reporting agencies. regardless, we can't get a mortgage with the numbers as they are now. further, lots of mortgage companies are going under and/or experiencing extreme hardship due to the slump in the housing market AND formerly liberal lending policies. these two problems sound like they're going to feed one another.

since school is starting in about 10 days, DH doesn't want to sell the house in the middle of the school year, just to stay in an apartment locally thru the school year. i told him we should leave the house listed but not market it aggressively (note to self, tell agent that!), so we wouldn't miss a potential sale. sounds like our plan.

if we aren't buying the new house, which was a higher payment due to our poor credit anyway, we can afford for me to work part-time and do more to keep the house and the kids and the DH happy. a year from now, many things will have changed, the nature of which we know not now.

i was REALLY upset about this and couldn't even talk about it - it's been weeks since we found out. but we're finding the silver lining.

the REASON we had time to talk about such issues was car troubles. i got to drive to chapel hill yesterday to pick DH up - there went three hours of work time i should have gotten done. but it was a blessing in disguise; we're determined to view it as such. and just move forward.

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Gwydion's mama said...

I'm sorry about the house thing. I know how frustrating it can be trying to buy a house when things keep getting in the way. The blog looks nice, btw. :)