Thursday, September 06, 2007

skrewt update

LaLa is quite the BES. i went in to check on her yesterday morning and heard her blasting away. she has figured out how to toot when she needs to! her tummy muscles have matured! woohoo!

so i laughed and said "you figured out how to play your tooter!" she's a natural with a musical instrument. she's very excited that she figured out how to do this; she's practicing that concentration and tooting away!

LaLa practiced her new skill all day yesterday, went through many diapers b/c sometimes the toots are not solely gaseous. i laughed and laughed. she is so funny.

she slept 9 hours last night and has finally found her thumb. grandma taught her to take binky but she doesn't do it much for anyone else. she'd rather have a thumb, but couldn't figure out how to get it in there... she's making all kinds of funny noises, talking in her bed, while i'm working. grunts and clicks, and coos and suckling fists. she's very happy b/c she SLEPT NINE HOURS last night! and thus so am i!


Alana said...

you are blogging about baby farts. You need to get out of the house.

MamaBear said...

you are correct.

MamaBear said...

however, may i point out that in my house, populated by boys, gas is always an acceptable topic of conversation?