Friday, August 10, 2007

back to work

i've been back at work a week now. i knew before i went out on maternity leave that when i came back, i'd have all new accounts. this is a REALLY big deal. it's like having all new work, all new rules, and still trying to produce at the same rate. that's really impossible; there's a transition period before production comes back up, while we learn the new rules.

i'm no longer feeling completely adrift. all this transitioning taken together has made it difficult to get hours in - i have to put the baby down, and neither of us likes that much. i CAN wear the sling and work for an hour at a time, which helps us both, but babies usually don't like that when they get a tad bigger and don't sleep as much.

this is neither amusing nor inappropriate, just my life, such as it is. :D no apologies here!

i'm feeling lots happier and more patient than i have in a while, too. i'm sure my sons are thrilled! i took them to the used bookstore yesterday and picked up a set of LOTR books for #1 son; he's deep into The Hobbit already. it's good, b/c he likes to read, but lacks the attention span for heavy projects. they intimidate him, i think. he's been SUCH a big help with baby, this is his reward. (#2 son wants to read these books, too.)

i'm also reinstituting bedtime stories, which had gone when they both learned to read; they need more mommy time, and i can't think of a better way to give it - or a better time! only NOW we'll be reading the HP series together!

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