Wednesday, August 15, 2007

stinky talk

dont you HATE when companies discontinue products you're addicted to? like Tato Skins in the '80s, which have come back under TGI Friday's label... i used to go on treasure hunts for those things when they were on their way out!

back to the present, i've been battling a continuing problem with deodorant. i was on almay for a while, which was really nice b/c it had nothing "extra" in it. i loved the soft solid, like a cream that dispensed through a standard-shaped deodorant tube.

the local stores stopped carrying, that so i stocked up the last time i saw it. then i tried secret clear, which also dispenses through little holes in a tube, more like a gel. don't like it as well, but it was close enough. except i became allergic to it before long.

so i switched to Dove deodorant, which was a new product a few years ago. they had the soft solid and i LOVED it. then target stopped carrying it so i bought it online, and wherever i saw it, and several tubes at a time.

and now i have been searching for MONTHS and it's no longer made. i actually went to (they had it for sale there previously), and it's discontinued and they have no back stock. ARGH!

ran out a month or so ago and bought regular dove deodorant. it doesn't work as well as the cream! i'm so frustrated!

i finally went and bought more deodorant when i wasn't out - i got a Degree "little black dress" stick. and it works! this has been years in the process.

i'm sure hoping degree doesn't change their formula any time soon. if the stick can hold up to a sleeveless top and running lots of errands, in and out of the heat and humidity, it's a good one. plus, it really IS "body heat-activated;" when i would normally start feeling sticky, i noticed the fragrance would intensify, but i didn't get sticky.

so, when they discontinue YOUR favorite item, i recommend Degree.

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Alana said...

Certain Dri.
Ypu roll it on before bed, and in a few weeks, you only have to use it every other stops your pits from sweating AT ALL. cool