Sunday, December 31, 2006

year-end survey

In 2006 did you?...

*lose any friends? No
*make any new friends? think so
*make any new enemies? only in cyberspace
*develop any new hobbies? developed hobby of beading, but began in 2005...
*get older? as opposed to the alternative, i'm writing this as ectoplasm?
*do anything you regret? i've spent most of my life striving to never regret anything, by making the choices that will prevent that. sometimes that's preventing regretting NOT doing something, which is mostly how i look at this resolution.
*go to any parties? dinner
*accomplish anything? survived the damn year!
*make much money? not so much
*attend a wedding? nope
*attend a funeral? happy to report nope again - last one was Nov. 05.
*get any new family members? a niece or two, one in Jan, one in Sept. step-niece in Aug., brother-in-law too! foster nephew in Dec.
*move away? again, happy to report nope again!
*gain any new perspectives? well, i try to do that frequently
*get into a verbal fight? erm, i try NOT to do that frequently, but with all the time i spent with my family of origin this summer, i'm sure there was one or two i'm trying to forget
*get into a physical fight? not even close
*attend any sporting events? again, not even close
*get arrested? damn but i'm boring - never
*wreck your car? lucky me, nope - but i dream i have regularly, due to past wrecks.
*get a new car? *sigh* no
*make any big purchases? refer to "make much money" - it will explain no big purchases. largest sort was a new camera, having lost mine in Utah.
*get kicked out of a store, restaurant or any other kind of business? no, but i watched people do so in a movie (Talladega Nights)*get fired from a job? only worried about it, didn't happen.
*get offered a job? not this year
*get a raise at a job? wouldn't that be nice? (refer to "not much money" again)
*learn anything? can't cite anything, but probably
*dump your bf/gf? erm, as we've been married 11+ years, it's too expensive
*get dumped by your bf/gf? see above
*develop any new health problems? asthma, pregnancy
*change as a person? hormonally
*get any new piercings? i'm boring, remember?
*get any new tattoos? nope
*attend a concert? no - why am i doing this survey, anyway?
*crowd surf? oh please
*travel out of state? Utah in summer, Virginia for Thanksgiving, Florida for spring break! (Kennedy Space Center!)
*read any books? daily
*travel out of the country? no - but made pie-in-the-sky plans!
*spend much money? only in that it was more than we earned
*download any music? nope
*try out any new looks? my hair is cooperating a bit, and i'm using a different shampoo, but mostly i'm boring. do plan to donate to locks of love before delivery, since it will all fall out afterwards and i'll just have to get it cut then, but it won't be as thick.
*sign up for a myspace? what?
*sign up for a facebook? too lazy
*eat a food that you had never eaten before? don't remember ... maybe
*go golfing? mini
*go bowling? i let my boys all go without me
*start to resent something or someone that you used to like? hormonally, yes

In 2006, how many....
*different places did you work? one
*times did you go out drinking? only one drink while out
*times did you smoke marijuana? zero
*times did you have health problems? TNTC
*times did you go to the movies? less than usual, but that's related to "not much money"
*concerts did you attend? zero
*people did you have sex with? TMI! jk, just one
*people tried to have sex with you? if i count hormonally-fueled dreams, LOTS! however, unfortunately, my privacy block rarely lets me really enjoy them.
*get your ass kicked? fell into the Green River while white-water rafting - i'd say that counts pretty well!
*crushes did you have? more than 10
*times did you attend church? more than 10 (really, more than 40)
*bad habits did you pick up? too much time in online chat rooms
*"rough nights" did you have? every time i get sick i have a few - stupid cold!

In 2006, what was?
*your favorite day of the year? i hef no idear
*your favorite band? queen
*least favorite day of the year? no idear
*your favorite movie? Narnia. may have been released in '05, but nothing else leaps to mind.
*your favorite song of the year? actually i prefer quiet
*most expensive thing you stole? i wouldn't steal - on purpose. occasionally forget to pay for donuts at the supermarket that the kids already ate. but i'm such a square i pay the next time through the line.
*the biggest event you attended? don't think i attended any
*something that didn't change at all this year? more to do than i could ever accomplish
*your favorite holiday? oh, today i'd say Valentine's

Misc. questions about 2006 A.D.
*were you in a hospital this year? ER for a CT scan of DS's head last week (he's fine).
*were you in an ambulance this year? don't think i have EVER been
*did you make any big confessions in 06? told SIL one
*embarrassed about anything you did this year? i hef no idear
*what's the best thing to happen to you this year? in some ways this was my best year. best thing was surprise pregnancy - when i'd been trying to convince DH for SIX MONTHS we were supposed to have another person in our family, he stubbornly refused, and God took a hand!
*did you meet anyone that you could see yourself marrying? no
*did you vote this year? would have but was sick
*did you bring sexy back this year? well, the hormones relented and DH got better than pity sex finally - can we count that?
*what goals did you set for 2007? kids both set behavior goals. since i'm PG, can't set weight loss goals, so we set a goal to say family prayers and grace before meals.

sorry this was such a lousy poll for me - perhaps you'll have better replies! i look forward to seeing them!


Anonymous said...

ahem. you also got a brother-in-law this year, and i'm not sure if your step-niece was counted with the nieces above. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think your answers were any less exciting than mine were...