Friday, December 08, 2006

ineeda mary kay meeting

yeah, i'm cracking myself up, too. :p

way back when i started selling Mary Kay, i was a negative person, with negative energy. they taught me to rephrase and rework my energy and find positives in most everything. i lost a LOT of money, but i had tremendous personal growth, and felt good about my MK experiences. i also felt good about quitting and selling Pampered Chef instead, since it's more "me."

well, i thought i'd won that fight and i was a positive person now. but i'm just getting more and more negative lately. and i'm blaming hormones. i don't care if they're fully responsible or not, but i'm blaming them! since i got PG, i'm more moody, less patient, irritable, and negative. i give myself negative messages all the time and i'm closer to depression than i like to be. gr!

this is supposed to be a HAPPY time. moody, yeah; emotional, yeah; but happy! it's just not fair that i should be downer than i've been in years.

ah well. should i be right and it's hormones, they'll leave eventually, and the parasite will be a leech instead of an internal organism. (shut up. i don't care if those are negative words to use for a positive person whom i'll love with my whole heart. just cuz i know that doesn't mean those words aren't an accurate description.)

don't comment if you don't have nice things to say. gr. i need some positive energy! and hugs.

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Anonymous said...

holy hannah, i checked your blog every week in november to see if you'd updated and no such luck ... this is the first time since the beginning of last week that I looked. :)

glad you heard the heartbeat; that's awesome. Yay!