Friday, December 29, 2006

update #2

well, i got a reply from my first person mentioned below:

"remove me from the list I don't feel that the [deleted] board is for me anymore. I think one person went over the line on a PERSONAL issue that I am dealing with. I have every right to have my feelings, and to say that I don't is un called for. I was not telling someone that their opinion was wrong, I was saying that their information was wrong and to jump to conclusions was wrong on her part.

"OHH [sister] how is 2.5 year old going to help me? he can't you obviously don't know what you are talking about. And obvioulsly you need some education to learn a few things. You THINK you know me and you don't, you can't and don't know my every thought. I cannot and will not be talking to you until you realize that what YOU were telling me was fueling the fire.
don't mean to bring this up here, but this is the LAST post I will make on this thread. REMOVE me from the group, I found a support group that is helping me not telling me to do something that I KNOW I DONT NEED. "


and i'm afraid my reply to her was less kind than my earlier post:

"i'm truly sorry you feel that way, and that you can't see that your extreme negativity is hurting you as well as those around you. it's interesting that you prefer that support group when you are attacking people's replies to you there - but selectively - if one person says you could use help, it's ok, but if another does, they are subject to your rants and attacks. if you keep attacking the support group you've found, they will not continue supporting you, as i commented there.

"i have seen such a consistent negative energy from you that i am very concerned about your wellbeing. however, i will honor your wishes and remove your from the mommy list. i will also block your posts as your negative energy and comments have more than once impacted my own mood severely.

"I have dealt with depression for many years and i do know a thing or two, but you may believe i know nothing if you prefer to do so. medication and counseling have helped millions, but if you believe they will do nothing for you, they will not, as you refuse to try. having tried one antidepressant means absolutely nothing about whether they can help you now.

"i'd like to think that being thus frank and blunt with you will make an impact and you will hear my words as well as the honest emotion behind it hoping your situation will improve. but i don't expect it to.

"it's a shame you condemn an entire group based on one or two people in it. that's why they have an "ignore user" button, so you can ignore people who irritate you."

well, i'm not thinking about this anymore right now. i'm really worried about her, her sister says her husband is very concerned, worried about her children and his, but clearly she will not accept help. i guess i'll just have to pray for her. that would probably irritate her, too!


Anonymous said...

wth? nice comment from the above user ... *plug* SPAM.


guess what?

blocking negativity is never easy, but it's worth it. good for you for saying something.

Anonymous said...

Have to say great blog. I respect you even more now than I did in the past. Hopefully her dh can talk some sense into her!

Anonymous said...

whee! you know, as owner of several yahoo and MSN groups, I can so totaly comiserate! I started these groups for support and camaraderie..not because I wanted 40 more whining children to soothe and babysit!
BASTARDS.. ruinig the fun for the rest of us!