Thursday, December 07, 2006

update - 9 weeks 5 days

(i didn't want to make it seem like it had only been a week since the last update. LOL.)

saw dr. again yesterday. she had some suggestions for the fatigue that has plagued me the last month! she said i shouldn't keep trying to be superwoman and to DRINK SOME DAMN COFFEE! at which i was much relieved and am actually alert for a while today. who'da thunk? it also helps with the bloat as it stimulates digestive function, to put it politely. of course, that makes me hungry again... but i have healthy snacks and can make good choices.

the nutritionist had great ideas for eating a balanced diet; she said even if i'm eating something that's not exactly 100% healthy, it's ok; just balance the plate with other healthier choices, and control portion size. that sounds SO much easier than trying to eat broiled chicken and steamed veg. every night!

we heard the heartbeat with Doppler, which is awesome! it's very early to be able to do that! dr. also said i'd likely feel fetal movement before my next visit, as this is my third trip down the baby aisle.

i'd been falling into a depressive slump; too much fatigue, not enough work hours, yielding very low income, which increases the depression and fatigue and feeds itself on a nasty cycle. i actually visited with the neighbor and a church lady neighbor yesterday, in addition to my two health-care visits (nutritionist and OB), and i'm feeling MUCH more chipper today. so, in addition to putting caffeine back in my daily regimen, and walking, i'm planning adult human interaction more frequently to keep me off my slide into depression. and i feel very positive today!

can't wait to see my little beaner! won't happen until about Feb., but that's really not long.

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