Friday, December 29, 2006


after i posted my comment, i checked back several times to see if this person had noticed it. nothing.

however, in a separate area/board, her SISTER posts that she's been involved in this crazy sitch, and she's glad she's not the only who has seen the pattern - referring to MY post!

i wasn't sure whether to post it or not, but i'm glad i did, if only so one person could see it and know they're not crazy. i'm glad she let me know that i also am not crazy.

apparently it was sister, not in-law, and she's also PG. and the first person did not mention the nasty word she hurled at her - beginning with C and _I'VE_ never said it!

so, i'm hearing two different sides, and one is refraining from getting into it, and the other can't stop screaming. you know which side i'm going to sympathize with!

ps - it's her SIXTH child, not fifth. just do not understand this mentality at all. _I_ was upset to find i was having boys, more so the first time than the second. but you're not in charge!

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