Saturday, December 30, 2006

my annual bra rant

i was just scrolling through/reviewing old posts, and noticed my bra rant came through in Dec. 04 and Nov. 05. well, i'm due then, aren't i?

i've been angry about them for days/weeks now. as you know, i'm knocked up. and, well, my boobies are VERY knocked up! i'm overflowing my bras when i wear the ones that make me look well-endowed. then they're rather graphic.

the dang things ached from day of ovulation for months on end and still do intermittently. i got them sports bras. they got better and i put them into their favorites, and they overflow. if i ever have two 20's to rub together, i'm gonna head to motherhood and pick up a couple of industrial-strength bras.

until then - i remain Deep in Thought

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