Friday, December 29, 2006

pulling my hair out

i spend WAY too much of my day in online rooms. i've been at webMD for a couple of years now, and i've been in the trying to conceive room and now the pregnancy rooms for most of this year.

most of the people are extremely supportive and tolerant of differences. sometimes they get advice they don't like, which they will explain why they aren't taking it, or just ignore it.

but you have to get one bad apple in the bunch. this girl is so DAMN negative i have previously clicked "ignore user" so i wouldn't have to read her bitchy posts. she's a or two month ahead of me in her pregnancy. she used to whine all the time, then complain that people weren't replying to HER posts, and that must be personal. PLEASE! the only reason it would be personal is b/c she's such a monster.

she's been venting for some time about EVERYTHING. venting is a good thing. when people offer suggestions, you should be grateful, even if they're not what you want to hear. and we're all hormonal.

well, she found out what gender baby she's having (her fifth, think she'd be used to not being in charge by now!), and she is psychotic over it. told her sister-in-law how very upset she was, and SIL talked to MIL and discussed CPS, b/c chickie is seriously going off.

sure, everybody vents. and i wouldn't go so far as CPS. but her in-laws are trying to get her to see she's more upset than is normal and that she should get/accept some help.

any reply to her tirade that suggested she could use some counseling or medication to help the sitch was met with virulent opposition. she was yelling at the people who were trying to help her - further confirming in MY mind that she NEEDED it.

i just can't cope with this kind of person. i'm emotionally dependent on my chat rooms as they are most of my adult interaction throughout the day, but this one child in an adult's body is ruining it for me! and i have to maintain cordial relationships b/c i run the "mommy list" we're both on.

well, i'll have to reply some of my thoughts from here (see two paragraphs up), and see how she responds. i'd probably do better to keep my mouth shut, but that's just not me!


i'd probably do better to keep my mouth shut, but that's just not me!

everybody vents. your in-laws' reactions were extreme and went too far when they said the word/letters "CPS."

but most of the people here are extremely supportive, and tolerant of differences. it's one of the reasons i love my webMD message boards. i didn't see anyone giving you anything but positive messages and suggestions. whether you agree or not, i was shocked by your reaction to people who are trying to help you.

i have to say that your replies to people's suggestions and offerings only confirmed in my mind that you do need some kind of help.

you do have every right to be mad [her words], and every right to disagree. but the level you've taken this to is unhealthy, and you're not handling things well.

we're all hormonal, and we all overreact sometimes. and i'd like to think that's what is going on. and i WAS glad to see that you know you're in a bad place, and that should it continue, you know to seek help.

please give your fellow preggos the benefit of the doubt and stop accusing people of "always" giving you negative feedback or singling you out for negative treatment. nobody here is doing that to my experience, and this isn't the first time i've read your posts complaining of that.
we're all here to support one another - it goes both ways. we want you to come to a peaceful place about this baby, whatever gender it comes out with. and we want you here, to share in the support and love that goes around. (((big hugs)))

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