Friday, December 15, 2006

this may not be up for long

but i gotta vent.

i've been exhausted to the point of growing roots on my couch (being a potato) since getting KU. since i'm 11 weeks tomorrow, that's 8 to 9 weeks of nothing much getting done around here. it's finally lifted somewhat. and then i got the sinus infection last week, which made things worse/not improve.

if i don't work (which i totally couldn't), i don't get paid. don't know about the rest of you! so here i am, don't know how i'm paying the mortgage, don't know how i'm getting through the month (except i can buy food if i don't pay the mortgage, so there ya go). i've already charged the mortgage twice this year due to financial circumstances, any my cards are all maxed now. getting through the next month looks fun - not!

pray for some aid to come my way, will you?

to be fair, DH won't let me ask for help until the sitch is dire, so guess what? i asked today, and DH doesn't have to know. i had hinted, but that's not the same as asking, as mom was quick to reply. she's calling me later.

somebody hug me!

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Anonymous said...

((((((((((((((((((((((mamabear))))))))))). hang in there.