Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NOT complaining today!

i'm finally feeling better! the fatigue is ebbing - and so is my sinus infection! i tried to fight it off myself, but thursday i finally called the OB, told them how long i'd been sick, that my GP normally phones in a prescription but wouldn't b/c i was pregnant, and THEY phoned in a Z-PAK.

friday morning i was already beginning to feel better. that zithromax is good stuff!

i got presents wrapped sat. (except one of brother's, so i haven't been to UPS yet. today for sure!) and cookies baked sun., fudge set. #1 son is begging me to make more fudge - i offered him the spoon to lick, and he declined, said he didn't like fudge. i said try a little taste, it's good, just chocolate chips and a little more stuff. so he tasted and his eyes widened. we have the beginnings of another fudge addict here!

the baking so far is for gifties, so hopefully we'll get another batch made after sister-in-law leaves for northern regions with those.

i'm so glad and grateful to be feeling better! merry christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are feeling better!
I am not sick OR prgnant, and I havent baked a cookie or fudged any..fudge
I am a professional slacker

MamaBear said...

well, it didn't last! i'm finally feeling better again - 2/5/07! i've had everything that came down the road, and some that were flagged down from neighboring states!

it's hard to get back to "normal" when you've been sick for more than two months...