Friday, January 04, 2008

party pooper

i've spent the last couple of weeks stalking my friends' blogs, wishing they would post, cursing when they don't, wishing i had a real life and not just a cyber-stalker life...

and oh my goodness! look! i haven't posted much in december at all - and it's over! i've been too busy watching videos and visiting with my few real-world friends and posting movie reviews at

i'll have to post me some movie reviews - i'm sure that would get some reactions! my current fave is HAIRSPRAY! I even went out and bought it last night. i'm so embarrassed - don't hate me b/c i'm in love with Hairspray!


Alana said...

why would you be embarassed? we PAID full price 5 times to see it in the theater, then ran to the store at 7 am the day it came out to buy it. The super deluxe $25 dollar version when I coulda gotten it for $15, so dont be embarassed. If it's a musical I lurve it by default. Sweeny Todd? MUSIC! BLOOD! JOHNNY DEPP & ALAN RICKMAN! BLOOD!
When Across the Universe comes out run straight out and get it too.

MamaBear said...

hardly surprising, given it's you that turned me on to this mess in the first place!

i'm mainly embarrassed b/c i'm broke, so i used my wiggle room on my one credit card and bought it!