Friday, December 28, 2007

birthday parties

#2 son kept up his homework for the rest of the term. however, i spent too much on christmas, and was worried about his tradition dinner out to Kimono. it's a japanese hibachi-style restaurant, but without the show; they cook in the kitchen, the food is as good or better as the other restaurants, but at a fraction of the price. our favorite place has sushi, too.

we go every year for his birthday b/c they have CALIFORNIA ROLLS. this is #2 son's favorite food. on his birthday he gets two orders to himself.

fortunately, MIL sent us some cash for christmas, and this is how we took him out for his birthday. we came home and gave him his BRAND NEW BICYCLE! for his birthday. #2 children don't get new bikes very often. so we got him one. it is GREEN and he loves it.

he is now getting up every morning early, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and begging to go out and ride his bike. he's 8 now, so i let him! he's very happy with his gift, and isn't complaining about lack of party AT ALL. i'm so proud of him.

he was SO sweet for christmas, pure and innocent, full of genuine gratitude and love. why can't life be like christmas all the times? well, b/c relatives can make you insane, apparently. but we had a great one.


stewbert said...

mmmm, cali rolls ... we like those too.

Alana said...

if life were like xmas all the time I would have to kll myself.