Monday, January 07, 2008


i'm such a retard, i alphabetized my DVD collection last night. was i bored? NO. i'd been meaning to do it for some time though. why? because it was a mess, always overflowing my cupboard, and nobody ever put anything away.

so i put the rated-R and otherwise-inappropriate-for-children movies (can you say Borat?) in a separate area, and also separated out musicals, because they're my greatest comfort-food-for-the-mind; i can see them together and pick one when i need a musical.

then i alphabetized the rest. sequels and series stay together, in order, regardless of title.

my kids love to watch movies. we hardly miss cable. but they had a terrible habit of just slopping the counters up, and things didn't ever get put away. i finally broke them of that with sustained nagging for months on end. now we have a library system; when you take it out, put the card in so you can find where it goes without having to THINK when you're done with it. when you're done with it, PUT IT BACK where you got it!

both sons are very good now about putting things in boxes, but will stack them up until they fall off the shelf.

we have a DVD/VCR player, and #2 son especially will very conscientiously remove the VCR tape from the player and return it to its box (then stack it on the counter if he can possibly balance it) - but he never REWINDS. he's 8, and he hardly knows what rewind means! the days of hitting REWIND after watching a movie were over before he started using the remote.

i feel old. and anal, but that's to be expected.

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