Saturday, January 12, 2008

to flog an issue...

one comment i've heard about Obama is that he doesn't have enough experience to run the country.

my immediate thought is, that might be a GOOD thing! b/c he hasn't had time to have his back scratched and accept the price involved, and to stop believing change is possible.

on this one i'd love to hear feedback.

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stewbert said...

That's largely what Hillary has been saying and promoting -- she has the experience, he doesn't. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Bill was never a senator, only a governor from Arkansas, and was largely unknown when he swept in and conquered, and even if I hate the man, I do believe the country was in a better situation as a whole when he was president than it is now. How is that having experience? Taking a look at history, the ones who had ideas and the balls to implement them are the ones who change the world, whether or not they had experience. American Revolutionaries didn't have a speck of experience, but they still made our country. Hillary has too many special interest groups and money coming in from places that will prevent her from doing the things she says she will. *that* is what experience gets you.

Obama just may be the best man for the job in this election. He's been a senator. He knows how Washington works: It doesn't. He has the ideas and I believe he may have the balls to make change.