Monday, January 07, 2008

working with baby

LaLa is 6.5 months old. she is very focused and determined, from day one. when she yells at me, she does it with EVERY ATOM IN HER BODY. they are ALL telling me how very mad she is.

well, she likes to sit on my lap for short periods while i'm working - i usually just pick her up to make her happy while i wrap things up. and she usually faces the computer with me and watches my fingers and the screen and is happy.

today she's grabby. i have a headset on so i can hear my work. today, she faced me, sitting on my leg, holding herself up straight, and grabbed the wires. just a little at first to see if mom will let me - ooh, she did! wrap it around my fingers, then stick them in my mouth? NOPE - mom took the cord back. how about now? if i put them in my mouth again, will mom take them? yup. how about now? how about if i'm sneaky and use my other hand? how about if i keep doing it really fast so i'm a pest and maybe she'll give up?

now she's put me down and taken all my cords away. now i'm mad!

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