Wednesday, January 30, 2008

laugh at me!

When you cook a piece of toast, which side of the toaster do you put it in? one piece goes on the left.
Do you sing along to music? of course.
If so, chorus or the main singer? main singer, b/c i'm FABULOUS, dahling.
When was the last time you washed dishes? a couple of days ago.
Washed a dog? never
What did you have for supper last night? kielbasa
How old were you when your parents told you the truth about Santa? my parents didn't TELL us much of anything.
Do you think Pepsi is better in the bottle or can? it's better when it's Coke.
Have you ever shot an animal? No
What was the last song stuck in your head? Good Morning Baltimore
Have you ever talked to a pinecone? um, no.
What was the last thing you put on your head? headphones
What color is your cell phone? country blue
Have you ever put peanut butter on the roof of a horse’s mouth? um, no.
How about a dog? no again.
What type of deodorant do you use, assuming you use one? Degree Little Black Dress
Last show you watched on TV? Two and a Half Men, the episode where Charlie is up for an award, with Jon Lovitz... we did watch AFV afterwards, but i PLAN to watch 2.5 Men every day. i love charlie.
What is the best flavor of Jelly Bellies? peach
Have you ever body surfed at the beach? mhm
What is the strangest thing you have ever found? drawing a blank here
Have you ever said, “Brontosaurus Blubber butt”? i would now so i could say yes, but i don't want to wakt the baby.
Name one character from the Simpsons. Lisa
Name one character from King of the Hill. Luanne
Do you wear mirrored or regular sunglasses? regular
What is the best candle scent? spice, or hazelnut coffee, or vanilla... me likey candles
Have you ever stirred up a fire ant hill? no
Have you ever had a laughing fit in church? no
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? quoting Alana here, b/c it's exactly what i would say: One. Two. Three..crunch.. Three.
Have you ever speeded up a vinyl record just to hear squeaky voices? mm, no.
Ever fallen on a Christmas tree? No
Did you ever believe in the boogeyman? no, but i was afraid of the dark.
Do you have any scars on your left index finger? yeah, all my fingers have scars
Have you ever examined one of your digits? regularly
Have you ever eaten a jalapenõ pepper for money? no
When was the last time you actually wrote a letter to someone? yesterday, if email counts
Have you ever fallen out of a hammock by yourself? i don't think i've ever been IN one.
When was the last time you rubbed the Buddha’s belly? it's been a few years, but i'm gonna run downstairs and rub him!
Does your clock make noise? considering i use my cell phone for a clock AND alarm, it makes a LOT of noise, intermittently.
Do raisins belong in cookies? only oatmeal
How do you like your meat done? i like to not worry about parasites or bacteria, so medium.
Do you buy those email chains or just delete them as soon as you see them? they infuriate me, so i go to snopes and send the debunk link back to the sender with some choice, pithy comments.
Which is funnier, a mime pretending to be in a box, or trapped in a box? i always liked the mime who couldn't keep the piano lid up...
What is the best prank you have ever pulled? double faked-out DH with a Christmas gift/wrapping
Can you say the alphabet backwards? i have actually spent the last week practicing this... i can not only SAY it, i can SING it! quickly, in fact.
When was the last time you literally slapped yourself? i used to slap my face to keep myself awake when driving too late at night, or at school too late, when i was young and foolish... now i'm just old and foolish.

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