Friday, January 19, 2007

red lifesavers

just a stray thought...

so many people love red flavored candy etc. and i can't stand it most of the time. i've ALWAYS hated cherry-flavored anything - i only like FRESH cherries. no cherry pie for this girl - yuck!

and it was a few years ago that i figured out why. this is one of my BEST "most embarrassing" stories (i'll tell you about the foreign exchange student another day).

i was probably 8 or 9. the dentist had given mom fluoride pills b/c our water wasn't fluoridated. she put them up on the refrigerator. they were TINY little pink pills, and i REALLY liked how they tasted. they were "raspberry" flavored (but didn't affect my appetite for berries, go figure!).

so, one day, i took it upon myself to climb up on the counter, get those pills, and ate a handful. it's amazing i didn't poison myself. well, i ate about half, then i started feeling sick and put the rest back. but i must've eaten 20 or more. and didn't tell mom b/c i didn't want to get in trouble. (an ER visit would have ensued, i realize in retrospect.)

after that i never liked cherry flavoring. i bet i wouldn't like that fake raspberry flavor either, but these days if it's raspberry flavored, it's REAL.

now i'm nauseous. i hope you appreciate my sacrifice for my blog!


stewbert said...

BC and I did that, too, probably 20 each or something like that. I remember mom trying to make us puke, but she eventually got in touch with Poison Control and all was well.

Alana said...

those sparkly fairy things on your page?
they give me a serious case of the creeping willies.
that is all.