Tuesday, January 30, 2007


we have a winner! we are officially having a baby girl! i'm so freaking excited!

baby is modest and wouldn't show the goods at first. the tech kept going back and checking. she finally moved her legs and we found no turtles there! (web term for boy genitals)

lucky me - i also have placenta previa. OB says 90% of the time they move on their own, so don't worry about C-section now. but pelvic rest until the next ultrasound - 9 or 10 weeks from now. (if it's still low, they'll do another, and then i think they schedule the C-section if it's still low that late.)

no worries anyway - i don't do labor without pitocin, so small chance of rupture. anyway - i'm having a girl baby, so i don't care if i have to have surgery to get her out!

everything is where it should be, so it's all good! may publish u/s photo later...

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Alana said...

yay. girl parts! You ARE going to name her Alana right?? after all I am responsible for you even havin babies.. I drove Thom to get the truck..I took you to New Jersey..it is all because of me.. really. It is. Oh yeah I had previa too.. it corrected itself, and besides a scheduled c section is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than ever having one single evil labor pain...