Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday update (on Tuesday)

(1/22) i've been negligent for a few weeks, busy Monday mornings!


PROS: feeling very comfortable as far as pregnancy goes. no longer in first trimester coma. only EIGHT (now SEVEN) days until big ultrasound, VERY excited. and the things that really matter are keeping up.

CONS: still waiting on the 2nd tri energy! i've had a cold (or two or three) for going on 6 weeks now. DH is worn out taking care of the family while i sleep... haven't even started getting ready for baby - haven't gotten Christmas decor down, nobody has any energy! (but the things that REALLY matter are being kept up.) can't wait to feel WELL.

(1/23) i got some antibiotics for strep throat today, so let's all hope this is the end of the run of sickness and the beginning of feeling triffic!

#2 son had a minor procedure this morning to remove a splinter that went all the way under his thumbnail to the back of it. he was very brave. of course, i didn't tell him there would be a needle, and i didn't let him watch. then we both went for a coke for our nervous tummies.

the van broke down again last week, but apparently it only needed a stern talking-to and a time-out. the mechanic couldn't find the problem. it would click once, then start. it did this once for the mechanic, then straightened up and stopped giving me grief! i'm very relieved as a new starter is NOT in the budget! starting an emergency fund IS - and quite necessary, as i'll have several big bills with baby, starting in march.

enough news - let me go find a good joke for today!

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