Thursday, January 18, 2007

i can't believe i just did this.

hormone head strikes again...

we're in NC, and we've had balmy weather up until now. sleet/freezing rain forecast for this morning.

so i get up and check the news station's website, closings. we live in forsyth county; i see "forsyth" and "opens at 10 a.m."

so i put my kids back to bed and ignored them.

the bus just went up the road. DH comes in and says what-up??? then i remember - it's "winston-salem/forsyth county schools." check the website. we're on time; it's a private school, "forsyth country day school," that's starting at 10.

I could just cry. they have to get ready in 10 minutes b/c #2 has testing this week, HAS to be there. and _I_ made him go back to bed! i feel so bad. somebody hug me!

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