Tuesday, January 09, 2007

don't make me laugh!

still giggling...

i am still recovering from this evil cold. i just went to print something, fell over my feet to put paper in the tray, and started giggling; whereupon i started choking and coughing and bringing up yeuk.

don't make me laugh! it results in yeuk! and i am one CLUMSY preggo already. *pout*


Alana said...

is it wrong that the thought of you falling over and then hacking up a lung made ME giggle?

MamaBear said...

too bad if it is wrong; not like you ever cared about that before! it's OK to laugh at me when _I_ already am! (it's not so bad other times, but if you do it in front of me, there may be consequences. and i don't have time to cry.)