Thursday, January 25, 2007

i love coffee.

i drink it every day. i tried to quit when i got KU, but my OB told me to stop trying to be SuperMom and that it is fine to drink in moderation. so i pulled my slack-ass off the couch and brewed a pot.

i buy coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ( - fair trade, organic, delicious coffee. and i'm happy every day when i brew it up or heat it up and drink it.

a few weeks ago, DH came home with a giant bag of bargain-brand coffee. he was just as pleased as a puppy with himself.

it's vile. it smells like cigarette ash.

but being another BrokeGirl (go to for the REAL BG's articles), i put on my game face and drink it.

and i've discovered a trick to making cheap coffee palatable, if not "good." add a few drops of real vanilla extract to the cup. (in fact, if I'M brewing it, i add a couple of shots to the basket.) it cuts the bitterness right down to tolerable.

now my goal is to drink the nasty stuff as fast as possible so we can buy more of the good stuff. counting the days!

1 comment:

stewbert said...

Sometimes, generics and bargain brands are definitely NOT worth it. Glad you found a way to make it palatable. :)