Thursday, September 20, 2007

his eyes will never be the same

last night, #1 son came into my bedroom (through the closed door) without knocking, exactly 10 seconds too late to scar him for life, but too soon to prevent seeing some nudity he'd rather not have seen.

it was bound to happen eventually. and that's what i told him. i also recommended knocking on the door if shut.

haven't bitched DH out yet, but have been nagging for FIVE YEARS for him to switch the bedroom doorknob (on which the lock doesn't work) with the bathroom doorknob from the master bath (which lock DOES work). instead, he placed a doorstop in the doorjamb (which apparently did NOT work, either), and proceeded to give me a massage.

repercussions? well, i threw my clothes on (remember, it was after the important stuff), and went to the boy. "you couldn't sleep?" "no." "and now you never will again!" (see subheader, i.e., inappropriate sense of humor.)

the child didn't freak out (and this is the one who does NOT want to know the facts of life, determined not to know), but he definitely won't come in without knocking any time soon!


Alana said...

it was just like *I* walked in on your "massage"...wait, I HAVE waled in on your massages before.. hee.. eww.. now I need to wash my minds eye.

stewbert said...

LOL. Poor #1 son. The one time we forgot to lock the door soon after our wedding, Munchkin did the same -- it was dark, however, and she says she didn't see anything. Whew.

On another note, I guess I'm more impatient than you are. It would have taken me exactly twice asking DH to do the doorknob before I said, "nevermind, I'll take care of it." And once I started, he either would have gotten offended or done it. hahahaha.