Monday, September 10, 2007

happier now

cute kid stories!

we watched Chicago last night. LaLa has discovered musicals, and the boys have seen it before so aren't scandalized by its reprobate nature.

at bedtime, i was still singing "the gun, the gun, the gun, the gun, oh yes, they both reached for the gun, for the gun." Tyler (#2 son) says "That's the problem with Chicago; it's got so many great songs, you can't get them out of your head." He's right! however, i'm thrilled they've supplanted the songs that WERE running through my head... [you're just jealous b/c the voices only talk to ME!]

and LaLa has this adorable habit. you burp her, and after she burps, she plants her pointy chin on your shoulder and swings her head back and forth rapidly. she's a bobble-head! especially to music.

i've got her hooked on 7 Brides for 7 Brothers already! #1 son's first favorite movie, he named his kitten Milly.

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Alana said...

take them to hairspray
liz and I have been 3 times already, and she got to go to her first ACTUAL stage musical Saturday..SPAMALOT! I am thinking of taking her to NYC next fall for a girls theater weekend! We are a musical lovin' family..