Tuesday, September 18, 2007

going organic

but first, a rant. b/c you love me.

it all started with Quaker and Sam's. i get hooked on a breakfast cereal and eat it daily for literally YEARS before i change. i was on Special K vanilla almond for the last several years. after baby, i bought some Quaker granola. sam's carries it in big boxes. or i should say, USED to carry it. last week when i went to get it, really anticipating it, there was none.

i was so damn mad. it's crunchy and sweet and virtuous all at the same time. there are days when i eat it for lunch, too. i honestly was so mad i'm about ready to quit sam's. except their squishy chickens are the best in the biz.

so i went home and went to myfamily.com, where my family keeps in touch. it works fabu for us - everybody is as close as a click, even the brother who lives in Japan. honestly, i hear from him as well as i did when he lived 5 miles from me. my mother had posted recipes for granola that SHE used to make when i was a kid, as well as my grandmother's recipe (dad's mom), that we had when we went to her house (rarely, long trip, broke family).

the ingredients are mostly mass-market, except "rolled wheat." couldn't find it at the supermarket. asked mom (via myfamily) where to get it, and she said the health food store, dummy.

so i took a trip to Whole Foods. this is an awesome store! their prices for organics are often less than the supermarket's for chemicals and preservatives. grains available in bulk, 69c/pound. bought up a bunch of grains for my granola and went home to try it out, see if it was worth making my own. also picked up some organic milk, as it was cheaper than supermarket and only a little more than sam's.

making granola is seriously about the easiest recipe i've ever made. you stir up your grains (oats, wheat flakes, wheat bran, wheat germ, etc.), heat up your liquids (oil, honey, water, brown sugar, vanilla, salt) to dissolve the sugar, combine the two, and bake in the oven. they stir together easily, not like some stiff doughs. cleanup is a breeze. it's a bit messy b/c you have to stir on the cookie sheets multiple times. but i have homemade, organic granola, at minimal effort.

the best part is, i'll be saving tons on metamucil! all that bran is impossible to resist!

DH is thrilled about the idea of drinking organic milk all the time, so i may be saying sayonara to sam's most of the time. fewer hormones in our lives can only be a good thing, right?

i still shave my armpits, though.

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