Friday, September 07, 2007


everyone's a critic.

today's topic is the last thing i did WITHOUT a baby. also the first thing since she was born, other than a couple of quick grocery trips. (with a big fat pppppbbbbtttt to Alana. because i love her.)

i took the boys to see Shrek 3 at the $2 theater without the baby. because loud noises bother her, and all movies have loud noises these days. she did fine in Harry Potter 5 at age 4 weeks, but didn't do well at all in Spider-Man 3 shortly thereafter. too many loud noises.

so- here's the part without a baby. :D i checked the times and took the kids to the 4:30 show. we got there at 4:15 and bought popcorn, checked out all the quarters in the cash drawer to try to complete our collection, pre-emptive strike at the bathroom, all the good stuff. went into the theater to see - the middle of the movie. it started at 4:00.

fortunately, Da Boyz had seen this as a new movie with their auntie when i was incapacitated, so it wasn't the end of the world. slightly upsetting for mommy to realize just how decayed her brain had gotten, but a survivable screw-up, anyway.

even without seeing the beginning (which all the previews presumably gave away anyway), it was an enjoyable movie.

here's the part about critics. Critics go to movies to - surprise! - critique them. comment about what was wrong with them, in other words; rarely about something right with them if they just can't help themselves. WE go to movies to HAVE FUN. this is why i ignore most critics' ratings. if it's low humor, it's getting a D at best, and i'm gonna enjoy it anyway. if it's something i expect to get a B and it flunks, yeah, i'll probably avoid it until i hear word-of-mouth.

the critics had NOTHING nice to say about Shrek 3; overplayed, under-original, been-there done-that feel to it, nothing funny about it.

they were wrong. no, it didn't strike us as the most original thing we'd seen in ages, like the original Shrek did at times. but it did make us laugh, and it had good messages. sure, it's facile; its intended audience, after all, is CHILDREN. but we'll buy it, and we won't feel (very) guilty about it.

then i came home and laughed at baby farts some more. let's face it, if you think i'm supposed to have a more exciting life, you'd better come get me and drag me out.

and after all, there were green baby farts involved in my escape from baby-fart topics.

EDIT: after viewing this lovely post, i'm hungry for mint oreo's. wonder why? but i can't eat any more of them b/c i have NO self-control. *sigh*

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