Tuesday, July 03, 2007

13 days old

we're smiling and posing, just as cute as a bug. i can see her little head growing already. she wants to sleep and nurse, and hates having her diaper changed (sensitive skin = nasty raw rashes).

i'm going to figure out how to post photos soon soon.

having a newborn sucks all of the energy out of the day. she is a power magnet! we forget so easily... so all the TMI posts i'd planned to make have faded out of my head. i should be able to retrieve one or two eventually, but getting to the computer takes a mighty effort!

we've had wonderful support from our church family; now i have the added stress of needing to write thank-you notes. :D

should anyone wonder what we need, i'm registered at target.com, jennifer erdosy, and will be happy to accept donations! i just filed my short-term disability claim so i'll be lucky to see any return from that before 7/15.


Kim said...

Oh she is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her picture. =0)

Alana said...

LOOK! Its a baby! She looks like her brothers a bit.

MamaBear said...

yes, she has gabe's hairline and tyler's little face, but with my lips. she has my hands and feet, which she'll love and hate, i'm sure! monkey toes!

Alana said...

monkey toes are cool. I know. I have them. I can pick a baseball up and pinch pretty hard with mine.

MamaBear said...

her toes are actually longer than mine, but her second toe is longer than her first, so they're definitely my genes.

since this one appears to be blonde, and has such erdosy features, it's good that i got SOME input in the genetic soup. she loves music, too.

and she makes a special grunt just for FOOD. is that one mine? or possibly DH's? it's very cute. she's very single-minded. totally normal, but very unique and special to US.