Tuesday, July 17, 2007

gotta swing!

actually, a vibrator.

yeah, my first vibrator, and it's for my infant. something seems wrong here!

it's a bouncer seat, with a rocker bottom and a vibrator attachment. very soothing for the newborn. and it has kickstand to stop it rocking so you can feed baby in it. we got this instead of a swing b/c it cost less than half as much, and b/c my boys outgrew their swings so fast. this will still work when she could reach out and grab the swing leg.

she's a hoot and a half. after feeding, when i tip her up to burp her, she starts grunting, groaning, and making noises that sound like burps. is she trying to help, or trying to trick us into thinking she already burped? we're not sure. but it's funny as heck!

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