Thursday, July 05, 2007

stray thoughts...

1. when you have gestational diabetes, saddlebags finally prove their worth; they're the least painful place to inject insulin on your flabby body. finger sticks are hardly a sting, but insulin injections can be anywhere from no big deal to major stinging, and no warning which they'll be.

2. insurance companies suck. yeah, i know, i'm glad i have insurance. my two hospital stays were $15K, and we haven't seen Angela's bill yet. but my insurance company keeps changing my plan (they're in bankruptcy, they get to do that), and increasing my copays, and making up new reasons i can have MORE large copays. well, i'm in debt for life anyway, right?

3. Motherhood Maternity has really lost their place in my heart. they were the only source for good nursing bras with my previous pregnancies, but the ones i got this time are crap for support, and wearing out already (wore them from second month of pregnancy, to be fair). are there ANY other places to find maternity bras? DH bought me one from K-mart but it's like five sizes too big - marked the same size i've been wearing.

4. and it reeks that my "engorgement" phase only lasted 5 minutes this time around. i'm smaller up top than i was through the pregnancy already.

5. (but related to 4) which could be related to the fact that i'm down 34 pounds, 15 days after delivery, and i only gained 20. if we count the 25 i WAS up, i lost 5 in the last 10 days BEFORE delivery, so then i'd be down 39.

6. (but related to 5) there have only been two times in my life when stress affected me this way: when SHIT-for-brains (as his mother and i referred to him at the time) took off for California, and when my newborn daughter was in the NICU. every other time i gain weight; 50 pounds for a move to NC 5 years ago, in fact. i'm still carrying previous baby weight, and i'm just shocked that i've lost so much so fast. here's to keeping the trend! (guess i'd better stop buying dubl-stuft oreos)

7. (but related to 6) and here's to no more stress of the magnitude that causes me to LOSE weight for another 18 years. hallelujah, we have a clean bill of health, and things are looking sunny all over! (now, if someone would just buy my house...)

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