Sunday, June 24, 2007

baby is home!

i feel kinda boring, with only one topic of conversation. many subheadings, but only one main topic! but i'm not bored, and you chose to come here, right?

Angela came home today, and we're all just ecstatic. sleep-deprived, stressed-out, and ecstatic. the boys are actually much happier. it's been a rough road.

her bilirubin came down after she spent 16 hours under lights, and we'll hope it continues to do so and we won't have to put her under lights again - we want to hold her, not light her!

she's doing better with nursing when she wakes up. she's another stubborn baby like Tyler was, won't wake up until she's good and ready. unless you change her diaper, but even then once her butt is covered she's fine. i don't like thinking about all she had to have done and how she must be associating something nasty with diapers. *shudder*

it's late and i have to feed her again in a little over an hour, so i'll give more details than you really wanted to know LATER. we're just glad she's HOME!

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