Monday, July 09, 2007

kids in church story

my big boys are completely in love with their baby sister - which is as it should be, of course!

our pastor does a "children's conversation" before the main sermon. all of the children come up and gather around him, and he has a short discussion with them about some topic related to church. he's given them a box to bring items in that he can relate to his discussions; they take turns with the box. it's pretty cool - they see God in everyday toys and such.

we took Angela to church yesterday. at the beginning of service, Gabe asked if he could take his baby sister with him to the children's conversation. i thought for about a second and said, that's appropriate, but told him we'd have to see if she was fussy when it was time to go up. she was sleeping.

so my proud little 10-year-old got to take his baby to the front of the church for the children's conversation. he got a wave of laughter and some righteous pride out of it. the pastor commented she was the youngest child he'd EVER had participate! (18 days yesterday.)

Gabe is strong and steady with carrying her, so i really didn't worry about him carrying her; holding her while sitting on the floor was a little more worrisome, but he did great! (many were amazed i let him carry her, but he's been doing then since about day one - at DH's instigation! since then i'm fine with it.) he says she calms him down, and i can definitely see that.

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