Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dressing alike already

last week, Angela and I had matching ookie belly buttons.

she had been crying so hard she flipped hers inside out, which broke the scab loose and it fell off a few days later. so lots of ookie left to heal.

mine turned red, then a few days later started weeping and oozing, so I got antibiotics from the OB.

in between, we had matching nasty owie raw belly buttons. what a coinkidink!

at this point, they're better, but her diaper rash is still evil. it's always something!


Alana said...

maybe not wanting to eat after reading that will help me lose weight too!
(see my blog from a few weeks ago to learn about my severe belly button gunk phobia)

MamaBear said...

yes, i noticed your belly button problem. hehehe! it definitely influenced my word choice of "ookie."