Saturday, July 14, 2007

more tickle button stories

the ookie belly buttons are both doing much better, thanks. the end of my stitches still pokes me, but the infection has cleared and no more oozing; angela's is all healed up.

the nurse at the dr's office told me how to triple-coat her heinie so her rash would heal (first zinc ointment, then A&D ointment, then powder), and it's much better, but wants all three all the time. johnson & johnson would get rich(er) off us if BIL didn't work for them and give us free stuff!

and angela has stopped screaming the whole time we change every diaper. her poor little monkey butt is red, but no longer raw.

watch this space for future edit, as time constraints and starving children insist i leave the computer NOW!

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Gwydion's mama said...

Hey there. Glad you see that you and baby girl are doing better. Rashes on a newborn are definitely no fun! I'm glad you found a solution. I'll be lurking around for updates since you're not posting on FT anymore. Take care of yourself!