Monday, June 04, 2007


i've been feeling kinda overwhelmed and fed up - typical 8-month stuff. like the belly is all there is to me, nothing feels or looks like me anymore, and i'm lost in this body that exists solely to feed its parasite. hard to explain, harder to cope with. :p

then, as i'm walking out of the bathroom, i turn and catch a glimpse of my rear in the mirror. oh. THERE _I_ am. good, i'm still here. but the view? major downer.


Alana said...

so when you have this baby can I come bite it and tell it I will buy it a pony too? I feel so bad that iI didn't get to bite T and tell him I would buy him a pony..
wait.. I'm not supposed to tell you that I bite them am I??

MamaBear said...

if you're biting them so that there's no marks and no tears, i'm ok with that. please note, i wouldn't say that to just anybody! and you can make promises you won't keep to all my kids before they catch on...